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Frequently Asked Questions

If you've got a question that might have been asked before, then you might find it here! Please take a look below through these frequently asked questions and if what you want to know isn't here, by all means contact us :)


Q: Do I need to sign for my order when it arrives?

A: Yes, unless you give us authority to leave it at your address without one. If you wish for our courier driver to leave your item at your address without your signature, please leave a note with your order saying so. Please note that by doing this we take no liability if your package gets taken, damaged or any other act out of our control. If you are not home, please be aware that your package will be taken to the nearest courier's depo where you may have to pick it up from or you may also incur further postage costs. 


Q: Can we ship an item overseas?

A: At this stage no we don't. We've found that shipping items overseas with the cost of freight is far too expensive. We may offer this in the future but unfortunately not right now. 


Q: How long after ordering will you post my item?

A: We endeavour to get your package in the mail within 1 - 3 business days. 


Q: How long will it take for my order to get to me?

A: Delivery time can vary a lot between different courier companies we use, but on average shipping time can be roughly between 3 - 9 working days. However if you're in a rural area sometimes this can be longer as some couriers won't deliver to certain areas every day. 


Q: Will I receive a tracking number for my item?

A: Yes! We will provide a tracking number after the courier has picked up your item. 


Q: I ordered more than one item and have only received one?

A: Rest assured your other item/s are on their way. Sometimes we have different items at different warehouse locations so they are shipped separately. Don't worry, each item will have a tracking number.  


Q: Can I pick my item up from your warehouse?

A: At this stage no, as our shopfront is online, we only use our warehouse locations for storage and freighting items out from. This keeps our costs down, which we can then pass onto you :)