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Why Indoor Water Features are Popular Among Home Owners?

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Why Indoor Water Features are Popular Among Home Owners? - Garden Features Galore

May it be indoors or outdoors, water features attract everyone's eyes for sure. Water fountains are reputed for creating a soothing, relaxing and natural atmosphere in your homes. There are both indoor water features and outdoor water features.

Indoor water features are the best decorative items for homes/offices and are a perfect combination of beauty and style. Indoor water fountains add a magical touch to any room it is installed. Water features are not just decorative pieces but are great stress-busters too. Many people enjoy the peace and tranquillity offered by the indoor fountains in their homes.

Natural Appearance

Water features are aesthetically appealing and give your interiors a natural look. Having greenery such as a plant, bush or flowers around the fountain can enhance the appearance further.


Indoor water features are available in different models for you to choose the one that best fits your interiors. The availability of a wide range of designs (Check out our full ranger HERE) helps you to match the water feature with your other décor in the room easily. Indoor water fountains are available in different shapes and sizes for you to select the size and shape that is perfect for your indoors.

Types of Indoor Water Features

There are free standing centre pieces and tabletop fountains that can be conveniently placed on the corner and centre tables in living rooms. Table top fountains are reputed as indoor waterfalls and are a favorite among homeowners. Floor fountains are installed on the floor and are like wall mounted fountains. These can be customized to your choice and preferences.

How to Choose the Right One?

It is crucial to select the right tabletop fountain, as they come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. You can create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere at your home just by adding a tabletop fountain in any corner of the room. There are a few things which you need to consider when looking for an indoor water feature such as available space, the colour of the other décor, the colour of the flooring and wall, the type of water fountain and your budget.

Once you have narrowed down your requirements, you can look into indoor water features made of different materials. Some fountains are fitted with lights to light up the place during nights too.

Tabletop water features are the most popular as they can be easily placed on any table and plugged-in. We stock single tier fountains, 2 Tier and 3Tier in tabletop water features. Smiling Buddhas, cute puppies’ fountain, pump fountain, pot fountain, and anchor fountain are a few simple tabletop fountains that we have also. These indoor fountains feature a pump and motor for the re-circulation of the water.

There are several benefits of indoor water features, the fountains not only add to the aesthetics of your home but also promotes health by relaxing and calming down your mind after experiencing a busy day. An indoor water feature can instantly enhance the beauty of the room it is placed in and for sure attracts the eyes of passers-by…

If you’re looking for an indoor tabletop water feature then take a look at our large and growing ranger HERE.

Why Indoor Water Features are Popular Among Home Owners? - Garden Features Galore

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