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5 Advantages of Solar Powered Water Features

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5 Advantages of Solar Powered Water Features - Garden Features Galore

Many people love to enjoy the sights and sounds of the garden and find it calming and relaxing. The sound of flowing water has an amazingly soothing effect on the mind which can be of great help to relax after a busy day. May it be big or small garden water features, you can make them one of the main attractions of your garden. The running water can attract animals and birds into your garden offering you the sights of some beautiful species around you.

Water fountains can work either on continuous water supply or can use the water pumped into the reservoir, again and again, to make the flow continue. Some fountains are fixed with lights to give an amazing glowing and sparkling aura. There are two types of water fountains; one with running water supply or natural fountains and the other with pump or motors, to pump the water stored in the reservoir of the fountain. So it is crucial to have water and power supply to keep the fountain working.

If you are interested in having a water feature in your garden and have been postponing to have one by looking into the installation and supply requirements then, fortunately, there are solar powered water features for people like you.

Zero Electricity Bills

The solar powered water feature is similar to that of other fountains but runs on solar energy instead of electricity. These fountains powered by solar energy do not use any electrical power yet operate efficiently using power from solar charged batteries of the fountain. Which means zero electricity charges towards the operation of the fountain. However, the fountain requires adequate sunlight to operate efficiently. No complicated running electrical wires, no power sockets, and no adapters.

Efficient Operation

Outdoor solar powered water features are becoming increasingly popular even with countries where there is little sunlight for their aesthetic appearance of impressive sound. Many homeowners are fascinated to have their own water fountains in the garden that are solar powered for the soothing and calming sound of water. If you want your water fountain to operate for longer during the nights when having a party or gathering, then you can always buy a spare pack of solar-powered batteries to charge and connect.

Darkness Sensor

Turning on/off lights of the water fountain is not a hassle any more with a solar powered water feature as the fountain starts to operate as soon as the battery is fully charged. Solar water features have a feature which senses darkness and turns the lights on automatically once it is dark outside.


Installing the solar water feature is easy and can be done instantly by opening the box. However, some fountains may require assembling the parts which can be done quickly in a few minutes. It is more like pulling out the solar water fountain out of the box and place it where you wish to, it is that simple.


Occasional maintenance like clearing leaves and other debris in the fountain and wiping the dust off the solar battery is required to have an uninterrupted flow of water in the fountain.

If you are looking for a Solar Powered Water Fountain, then take a look at our growing range HERE.

5 Advantages of Solar Powered Water Features - Garden Features Galore

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